About Us

Everything you have ever heard about Florida is true. There is something in the water (besides gators and crocs). People from all over the world visit to vacation and decide to live here. From that moment on they find themselves in the Midst of Weird. Sort of like the Mists of Avalon, but without the witches, druids and wizards, no wait, we have all those too. OK, we are just like the Mists of Avalon if only pre-historic England had been a bit more weird.
Sites like this come under criticism for making fun of the disadvantaged or for taking cheap shots at humanity. We are going to aim just a bit higher.
Tragic deaths, stories about children or intense violence you won’t find here. You won’t find any animal abuse here. If the story seems rooted in mental illness, it isn’t for us.
Humans? A total lack of discretion is probably going to get noticed, as is chronic stupidity. Crime is fair game, though, and there are plenty of mug shots to verify the active nature of law enforcement in Florida. There are also several million alligators in the state, so you will find a few of those articles too. We love the animals in Florida and all of the great encounters, though some are a bit too close for anyone’s comfort.
Florida politics? Yep. How could we not?
It’s all about FloridaWeirdness. Join us and have some fun at work.


Richard B. Earls